Click Here for Fun Jewelry Pieces to Accessorize Your Favorite Outfit

Jewelry adds the final touch to any outfit. Sparkling gems and bold metals are a great way to tie your ensemble together. There are many fun pieces of jewelry available, and each type will help add a bit of personality to your unique look.

Costume Rings

If you’re on a budget, costume rings are the perfect option. These rings are often created from a mix of different metals and gemstones. They also come with an affordable price tag, making it easy to grow your jewelry collection.

People who love color should look for costume rings that showcase a variety of different colored gemstones. Colored cubic zirconia is often the most affordable. This stone mimics the look of more expensive options, while still adding plenty of sparkle and shine.

Bold Pendants

If your outfit features a low neckline or is very plain, a bold pendant is the perfect way to add a bit of pizazz. Pendants draw attention to the neck and collarbone. If you’re wearing a v-neck top, consider hanging the pendant from a shorter, choker-style chain. High necklines are perfect for pendants dangling from long, layered chains.

Pendants are sold in every color and shape imaginable. If you’re looking for a natural look, consider buying a pendant that features a polished stone. If you prefer something simple, yet still eye-catching, choose a pendant that is either solid silver or gold.

Whimsical Anklets

If you just got a fresh pedicure, you probably want to show it off. Anklets are the best option for those who want to draw attention to their feet. This style of bracelet is made to fit around your ankle, making it the perfect sandal accessory.

Many anklets have small, dainty charms. Pick a charm that features something that is important to you. Yellow gold, rose gold and silver are all popular metals for anklets; however, if you want something simpler, look for either a braided cord anklet or a beaded one.

It’s fun to build a jewelry collection full of affordable, yet stylish pieces. If you want to keep your jewelry free of tarnish, be sure to wipe it down after use and store in a padded box. Don’t forget to click here to see some of the most popular types jewelry currently available.

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